время идет...
когда-то был 2017-й год, сейчас на дворе середина 2019-го.
интересно, а у нас народ разбирается в том, что написано когда-то в 2017-м.
потребности такие есть (появились ли)? или всё так же сидим в ж0пе мира...

Одна знакомая поделилась информацией по вакансиям у них в компании.
Кому интересно, прошу под капот...

What is Tapcore?
Tapcore is the only working solution on the market that helps Android developers to earn
from piracy. Piracy is the black hole in the mobile industry, where up to 95% of developers’
revenue is lost forever. After integrated in a mobile app’s code, Tapcore’s SDK detects the
source of the installs, and in case of illegal installation it shows highly targeted out-of-app
ads to the pirated user. We cannot stop piracy due to the nature of Android’s open platform,
but we can help developers substantially monetize it through ads and secure deserved
Tapcore was established in 2015, company’s HQ is located in the Netherlands.
Nowdays Tapcore serves 150+ million ad requests daily, and growing!
Who we are
We are a small team of inspired workaholics. We are spread all around the globe but we
have lots in common:
● we are motivated by challenges and able to set personal goalswe are able to work
from home effectively and independently,
● we have integrity and a high work ethic,
● we respect each other’s work, and we know our work is important,
● we are not afraid of making mistakes,
● we love what we are doing,
● we dare to dream BIG.
If you are ready to do be a pioneer who take chances, create exciting new products, learns
every day, takes initiative and is ready to put 150% into a groundbreaking product – hurray!
We are waiting for your CV!
P.S. If you are looking for a “normal” work, please just skip our post, and good luck with your
Who we are we looking for:
Publishers Senior manager, who will lead sales and implement strategy for India and SEA.
What you need to know
● A proven track record of sales development in mobile industry.
● Ability to create initiatives and follow them to completion.
● Ability to successfully lead business development team through each phase of the
sales cycle.
● Outstanding communication and negotiation skills.
● Excellent command of MS Office, Excel and CRM software.
● 4 year(s) working in business development, sales management, or relevant fields.
● Excellent verbal and written communication in english language.
What you will need to do:
● Develop effective growth strategies that apply both to financial success and customer
● Create sales opportunities by networking, attending fairs, meeting, social media, cold
● Produce sales and financial reports frequently.
● Craft and implement sales plans to ensure the growth of our customer base.
● Track and present sales record, revenue, reports, and forecasts.
● Build solid customer relationships and understand their needs.
● Develop relationships with industry professionals, competitors, vendors and other
● Attend events, special interest groups, conferences and seminars to seek new
● Maintain the integrity of confidential information.
What you get working with Tapcore
● Best smartest teammates you can image, really!
● A chance to work on a unique product
● Remote work and flexible working hours
● No bureaucracy or complicated structures!
● Freedom of actions and the highest responsibility for the result
● Attending the world's top industry conferences and events
● Offline team meetings 2 times a year in exciting places
Social benefits:
● Foreign language classes twice a week via Skype
● Paid leave and sick days
● Nice laptop
● Paid co-working space if you need one
● Health insurance
● Corporate rates for foreign language classes to family members


В случае заинтересованности просьба писать в Источник или на ***.
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